Design Sprint Workshop With Jacqui Le Vieux


Accelerated Design Sprint Workshop is an introductory 8-hour workshop designed as a taster to the 4-day process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones.
It compresses potentially months of work into a few hours.

What will I have learnt by the end of the workshop? 

  • A greater understanding for how the famous Design Sprint 2.0 works and how it is executed
  • Due to the very tight time-frame, have fun being pushed to the limit of time-boxing and making decisions
  • Tools and techniques that can be used in day to day product land regardless if you are building a product strategy or deciding on how to prioritise features

Who is this workshop for? 

  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Designers

Why learn from Jacqui?

I have been working with cross-functional teams for over 10 years and have found this framework works absolute wonders when trying to get people on board, build a shared understanding of a problem and come to a conclusion together.

I relish understanding complex customer problems and needs, identifying business and technology outcomes in order to empower people to work together with these at the centre of their decision making to drive the business value.


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