Product Management CoachingProduct Managers are often asked to fulfill a broad range of tasks, from grooming the product backlog, leading Engineers, presenting Business Cases and training in-house sales teams. This can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when we are asked to perform tasks that we naturally do not enjoy.

There are also times when Product Managers may not feel completely satisfied with the pace at which they are progressing their career.

Regular coaching sessions with an experienced Product Management coach may provide you with the extra boost you need to become more confident in your job and your career.

Brainmates offers coaching sessions to individual Product Managers and those wanting to become a Product Manager.

During each 1 hour session, Product Managers are asked to talk through their issues and their goals and with the help of their coach, devise a plan to meet their goals.

If it is a task or skill related matter, we will share our proven Product Management framework and bring to bear our consulting and training experience to help solve the problem.

If it is a career-related matter, we will share our experience and knowledge we have gathered from the years of studying how other Product professionals have developed their career.

We support Product Managers from any industry or size of business.

Why Be Coached?

Be coached if you:

  • Want to advance your Product Management career.
  • Have questions or queries about any aspects of the Product Management domain.
  • Need a sounding board to make decisions about your product.
  • Need help to synthesize your product idea.
  • Want an impartial opinion about your product team, your product or your business.
  • Want help applying a new method such as Agile or Lean in your business.
  • Need help completing a specific task within the Product Management domain.
  • Crave information about building an effective Product Management team in your business.
  • Want to know how a Product Management function can help your business.

The Benefits

Depending on your need, here are some of the benefits that Coaching can provide:

  • An increase in remuneration.
  • Help to obtain a more senior role in Product Management.
  • Solve your Product Management issues cost effectively.
  • Learn new techniques that can assist you in your Product Management role.
  • Get a fresh perspective on projects that have been on your ‘to-do’ list for a while.
  • Increased confidence performing and completing Product Management tasks.
  • Know the next steps to take to grow your career in Product Management.
  • Improve your product’s key performance indicators.

When Can I Be Coached?

Our coaching is delivered by telephone or teleconference at a time that is convenient to you.

If you would like face to face coaching, an additional travel fee will be incurred.

How Much Is Coaching?

Over the phone or online Product Management Coaching costs AUD $220 per hour (inc. GST) with a minimum commitment of 2  one hour sessions.

Additional time and travel costs may be incurred if a coach comes to your location for a face to face session.

Packages of 4 or 8 hours are also available at reduced rates.

One on One CoachingSydney or Over the PhoneBuy

What Is Involved?

  • To purchase some coaching time, drop us an email at or call us on 1800 272 466.
  • We’ll discuss your needs in greater detail before selecting an appropriate Product Management coach.
  • We’ll introduce you to your coach and your session will be scheduled.


Growing as a Product Manager can be quite challenging with the myriad of technical and soft skills required to really succeed. I’ve been very fortunate to have met Adrienne, who has been a tremendously helpful coach/mentor – forcing me to answer the tough questions and providing a structure for me to help myself. I really benefited having her broad industry and organizational experience to help me focus on where I really should invest in my professional development.
Wen Huang, Product Marketer, Singapore

Adrienne is an individual who defines dedication. As a current leader, she provides the framework to build the required skillset and mindset needed for product success. This has led to my current success as a new product manager in New York.
Michael Ayoola, Product Manager, New York