Brainmates’ Capability Assessment reports provide Product Leaders with a professional evaluation of the Product Management capabilities of their Product People.

Brainmates Capability Assessments are based upon our extensive experience as Product Managers and our robust Product Management Competency Framework.

Each Capability Assessment report will provide you with insights and recommendations regarding your Product People from a Brainmates Product Management expert.

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Developing your Product People

You will receive

  • Confirmation of what knowledge and skills your Product People have from a Product Management expert.
  • Help in identifying high performers who will benefit from further challenges.
  • Actionable recommendations on where to focus your resources and effort.
  • Realistic guidance on individual career development activities.
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Identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth


Focus effort and resources more effectively


Better engagement and motivation for your Product People

How does the Capability Assessment work?

Your nominated participants complete an online survey.

You receive Individual and Team Capability Assessment reports based upon Brainmates’ Product Management Competency Framework.

Contact Brainmates to find out if your Product People are doing the right thing.

Decide who to nominate

The number of people you decide to assess determines how much you pay.

Pricing is on a per participant basis regardless of the number of teams.

Participants complete surveys

Brainmates will provide the nominated participants with access to our online assessment tool, as well as a guide to the assessment process.

You will also need to identify an internal “assessor” for each nominated participant – a manager or peer - who is asked to provide their rating of the participant’s proficiency (also via an online survey).

Receive Your Capability Assessment reports

You receive one or more Team Capability Assessment reports which confirm where your team’s competencies lie across the Product Management domain.

  • Use this report to identify opportunities to build team collaboration and productivity.
  • Team reports are created for each team with 3 or more assessment participants.

An Individual Capability report is also provided for each participant identifying where their skills and knowledge lie in terms of the core Product Management competencies.

  • This report is designed as a tool to support productive discussions around individual learning and career development (an important factor in employee retention).

Brainmates developed our Capability Assessments after working with hundreds of Product teams to improve the Product Management practice within their organisations.

Brainmates’ Capability Assessments are based upon our Product Management Framework that is used by organisations to:

  • Excel at the lifecycle management of products and services
  • Identify and develop ideas into market-ready products and services

what is product fit
Create products and services that customers love


What if we want training?

Brainmates can work with you to leverage the findings of your assessment reports to further grow the Product Management capabilities in your organisation. Find out more about Brainmates' Product Fit program.

Brainmates can provide you with Private Team Training for groups of six or more. Contact Brainmates to chat about what options are available.

Alternatively, Brainmates offers a range of public training courses throughout the year. We suggest you refer to our calendar of public courses.

What if we want coaching?

Coaching is often sought to provide Product People with the professional guidance needed to take action, whether they are experienced or new to Product Management.

Brainmates' can provide you with packages of Individual or Group Coaching sessions based upon your assessment reports.

Contact Brainmates to chat about what coaching options might work for you.