Why Outsource Product Management?

Well here is a subject that is very close to the heart of the Brainmates team.

I have just listened to a great webinar on the Product Management View with Alyssa Dver on this topic. She indicates that the whole idea of outsourcing Product Management is an emotional topic.

She describes the role of the Product Manager (PM) as “The most strategic function in an organisation”. I think that it is the most strategic operational role in any business. A product manager may not be determining the overall organisational strategy, but once that direction has been articulated it is the PM who will have to deliver strategies that support the organisation as a whole.

What can an outsourced Product Manager do for an organisation? Well firstly, this should not be considered as a wholesale outsourcing of the entire function. It is a supplementary opportunity to bring in objective experienced Product Management professionals to help the existing Product Management team maximise their effectiveness.

An outsourced PM can help address temporary skills or staffing shortages. An experienced outsourced PM may work directly with inexperienced staff to help them improve their proficiencies at requirements gathering and understanding how best to track their product’s health. An outsourced PM may also be able to perform certain functions of the PM role until additional full time resources can be applied.
In her Webinar, Alyssa suggests some specific work that is ideal for outsourcing:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing reviews
  • Collateral and website reviews
  • Win / loss reporting
  • Customer feedback councils

These are all discrete activities that can benefit from having an external party review the work with fresh eyes. In fact one of the key benefits of having a 3rd party provide unbiased feedback is that you can identify the ‘elephants in the room’ that may otherwise go ignored if only addressed internally.

If this sounds appealing I recommend watching the presentation and listening to the talk .

This outsourced Product Management concept is fundamental to the offering that Brainmates provides so it would be greatly appreciated to get your feedback and comments below.

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