Two Ideas for Better B2B Product Marketing

If there is anything I’ve learned in my B2B marketing class it’s this: “to be a great marketer you need to be a great salesperson”. If I’ve gained anything at the business tradeshow I attended today it’s this: “to be a great salesperson you need to think like a business person”. These lessons have provided me with two thoughts on how one might become better at B2B Product Marketing.

1. Align the Product Marketing approach and the sales approach.

Talk to your sales team to understand how they approach potential clients. Find out what information they use to reach decision-makers and how they qualify sales. Sales teams will most likely have a strategy for engaging new clients and will conduct valuable research to intelligently connect with prospective customers. This research may include understanding current market trends, identifying issues stemming from trends, and analysing the threats such issues have on the client. Your sales team may have even created effective sales messages that sell your product as an important business opportunity. This research will not only complement your market research, but it will also help you understand your customers better and how you can support your sales team. Likewise, the sales team would appreciate any research, information and messaging you can provide to make their work easier. This collaboration can help both parties meet their business goals – a strong ROI and sales performance.

2. Don’t sell, tell a good story.

Change how you present product information to the sales team and to the customer. Sales and marketing teams are no longer selling just features nor benefits. Today, buyers expect to be sold experiences. Make the experience with your product different by developing and sharing stories. As Product Managers we have access to great story content – you have market research, customer research, trends analyses, and competitor information.

Any other B2B Product Marketing tips are welcome!

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