The Year That Was 2011

Brainmates are proud to share the Product Management community highlights of the year, together with our own personal Brainmates milestones for 2011.

Training and Development

  • We saw over 150 Product Managers come to Brainmates for product training across 8 different courses and formats.
  • We launched a new course, the Business Case Master Class this year, which has been so successful that we are currently product developing a related course to be launched in the new year.
  • Our most popular training course for 2011 was our 3-day Strategic Product Management Course, followed by the Product Requirements Master Class.

Events for Product People

  • We hosted 3 Product Talks, 2 Product Camps and a Product Bash with an estimated total of 230 product people from Sydney and Melbourne.
  • This year saw our second end of year Product Bash event in Sydney. We hope perhaps 2012 will see this exciting event expand to include Melbourne.
  • The Product Talks topics for this year were “Prototype This” and “Turning Ideas into Business Cases“.
  • We kicked off our Executive Breakfast Series for Product and Marketing Leaders, with our mentor Susan Nixon as guest speaker at our inaugural breakfast.

Comings and Goings

  • In 2011, Brainmates made over a dozen introductions between recruiting product leaders and product people looking for new jobs through our personal networks, website and our friends at La Volta.
  • Brainmates saw long standing senior consultant Paul Gray take up his new position of Director of Marketing at Bubble Gum Interactive.
  • We welcomed new senior Product Management consultants Kit Macgillivray, Andrew Murray, Duncan Burrill, Nick Tyler, Indradeep Mazumdar, Senior Business Analyst Sarah Boyd, Product Marketer Brianna Ragel, General Manager Bernadette Kerrigan and honorary guest team-members Josh Murray and Georgina Ibarra who form our design team.
  • With the growth in the team, we adjusted our roles and responsibilities accordingly, with Natalie Yan-Chatonsky as the Head of Consulting Practice, and Nick Coster as the Head of Training.

Our Clients

  • Brainmates continued our long standing relationship with clients such as AUSTAR, Cochlear, Fairfax Media, Lexis Nexis, News Digital Media, Tourism Australia, Visiware, and Veda Advantage.
  • We welcomed new clients CCH, Origin Energy, Macquarie University, Nintex, NEC, VicTrack, WOW Retail, NEHTA, MLC and THINK Education to Brainmates.

We thank everyone for your ongoing support and keeping the dialogue open within organisations about customer-centric product management. We look forward to another fantastic year in 2012.


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