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Adrienne Tan

We’ve been bombarded with articles giving us tips on remote working lately. It’s something we are all struggling with to a greater or lesser extent, so they’ve been useful, but there are soooo many! How do you work out which ones are good before you read them?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here’s the most useful remote working tips we’ve found so far.

New to remote working? Start here.

If your company is new to remote work then a great starting point is get some tips from Atlassian. The Atlassian Team has been doing it for years so makes sense to pay attention to their five tips to setup remote work in a hurry without losing productivity.

Then, for those of you that have already made the move to your home office, we have some handy tips and tricks to keep productivity rolling despite the fact Netflix is a mere click away:

Now, we know we can give you all the guides in the world on how to work from home effectively but it doesn’t answer the big question – how do we deal with social distancing and the effects it will have on our communication. Many big companies and big names are offering up their suggestions:

Working remotely in the world of Product Management

And finally (Don’t worry Product People we didn’t forget about you!) Product legend Marty Cagan has you covered with this article where he lists ten ways to help every Product Manager adapt to the current environment. He says you can return to your physical team with even more value than when you left.

And if you’re working trying to manage a scrum team (which relies heavily on human interaction for effective business). Scrum master, Willem-Jan Ageling, explains how teams can prepare for working from home for an extended period.

In the end, we are all in this together and if you are feeling overwhelmed there is no shortage of positivity in the world – the meme game is very strong right now. We’re holding a special online meetup event where we’ll be discussing the problems Product Managers are having and crowdsourcing some answers.

You can register for the event here – hope to see you there!

Adrienne Tan

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