Social media: Challenges & opportunities for product managers and marketers

For the past twelve months, Brainmates has been conducting research into social media within the context of product management and product marketing.

We have conducted interviews with clients and members of the wider product management community, experiments with using social media for our own operations and by keeping across the deluge of media coverage of the topic.

The presentation below provides product managers and marketers with a hype-free, succinct view of how social media can be used and how it is being used. It also explains at a practical level the functional ways in which product managers and marketers can use social media can be used to help achieve business goals. To top it off we provide a simple action plan for those who are yet to dip their toe into the social media pond.

NOTE: Brainmates has now published a white paper entitled “Collaborative Conversations: using social media in product management”. Click here to download your free copy.

We welcome your ideas, thoughts and experiences. Please feel free to share by posting a comment below.

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