“So You’re a New Product Manager…” Part 6

Part 6 of this series focuses on you, the Product Manager.

Tip 6: Be the Best

Seth Godin’s new book, “The Dip” teaches us the importance of being the best. As Product Managers, it is important for our professional development and our customers that we strive to be the best that we can be in our organisation, in our industry and amongst our peers.

“Best” can be defined in many ways but for me, being the best Product Manager is about:

  • Understanding your personal objectives. It is important to understand what your manager expects of you on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis so that you can create a personal plan to meet your objectives.
  • Aligning your personal objectives to your product’s business objectives. If you feel that your personal objectives may not deliver the best product for your customer, you may want to discuss changing your objectives with your manager.
  • Delivering the best work for your audience. When preparing a presentation pack or a document, small things such as spelling and formatting matter. Making mistakes simply distracts your audience and your message may be overlooked. If possible ask someone else to review your work while you still have time to correct the small mistakes.
  • Doing one thing at a time. As Product Managers, we generally have too many operational activities that keep us from delivering the best product. Sort through the chaff and decide what activity will give you the best return for your time. Work on that “one thing” before starting work on the next activity.
  • Asking for help. We don’t always have the answers to all product-related questions and issues. If you are struggling, ask for help.
  • Wanting to be the best. Being the best starts with wanting to be the best at your job, being the best in the industry and delivering the best product for your customers. If there is little desire to be the best, you may have missed the opportunity to excel as a Product Manager.

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