“So You’re a New Product Manager…” Part 2

Tip 2: Use Your New Product

If you’re a new Product Manager, you should take the time to interact, consume, use, play with your new product or service.

Personal experience will give you a depth of understanding that cannot solely be obtained from internal and customer feedback.

Approach this process formally by listing the product’s features and summarising the key benefit of each feature. Compare the feature list to a range of competitor features. This approach should help you to identify your product’s unique selling points.

Further, this will help isolate any of your product’s shortcomings which you may include in your new product roadmap.

The first time that you start to experience your product with the “customer’s eyes” is invaluable. Shortly after this you may get too familiar with the product and may overlook great opportunities for improvement.

Also be carefull not to let others who have been around the product tell you the reasons for NOT fixing things. Often these are perfectly good reasons but carry the baggage of previous failure. By initially ignoring this type of talk you have an opportunity to bring fresh new ideas and possibilities to old customer’s problems.

The biggest challenge that a Product Manager can face is to keep seeing their product through the customer’s eyes.

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