SEEK Making a Big Impact on Big Problems

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Product Managers at SEEK making a big impact on big problems

At SEEK they’re focused on solving big problems, like helping people find fulfilling jobs, and helping companies find great talent. It’s no small job and as the country’s leading online employment marketplace they are best placed to help people like you have the best career.

You probably think of SEEK as the first place to go to when looking for a job. But, what about working at SEEK to help millions of other people find their dream job. Or, how about helping companies find great talent to fuel their growth ambitions.

It’s SEEK, but not as you know it

Think about it. When you think it is a good time to reevaluate your worth in the market, you go to SEEK.  When you want to know what the going rate is for a senior Product Manager, you go to SEEK.  When you are sick and tired of working for an organisation that doesn’t value you, you go to SEEK.  It is a reflex action because it is the largest employment marketplace in Australia.

Today, SEEK has grown so much from its humble beginnings as a jobs board.  The SEEK of today creates world-class product technology solutions to address the needs of candidates and hirers. They facilitate the matching between jobseekers and hirers across their online employment marketplaces.  These world-class products are developed from an implicit culture of innovation that lives at SEEK.

SEEK has a broad vision for the global employment market.  Despite achieving so much in the market already, they are hard at work increasing their influence and delighting customers.

Culture of Innovation

“At SEEK we are always looking for the best talent to help us solve the most important problems relating to re-inventing how people find jobs and companies find talent”, Doug Blue, Product Director SEEK ANZ

In the innovation driver’s seat at SEEK are Product Managers.  Product Management is at the core of new product development and product lifecycle management.  They are steering the company’s impressive investment in agile RnD in ways that deliver impressive value to both jobseekers and hirers across 19 countries.

SEEK is the kind of place you want to be if you crave the opportunity to continually drive innovation and value creating products that make a real difference to people every day.

Belief in Product Management

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SEEK has an ingrained belief that Product Managers are the conductors of innovation – and innovation is their key competitive advantage.  In other words, SEEK loves great Product Managers.  They empower them to achieve great things and ensure success is celebrated by everyone.  More than that, they invest heavily in staff training and testing new approaches to Product Management process to make it even more awesome.

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Stay in Touch

To know what Product Management opportunities there are at SEEK be sure to set up a SEEK Profile and download their app.  Once your profile is populated with the kind of roles you are looking for you will be notified when an opportunity arises.  You can also keep an eye on new positions at SEEK here.

SEEK is a proud sponsor of Leading the Product 2016. As a founding sponsor for the event they continue to invest time and resources to development the Australian Product Management industry.  Many senior Product Managers from team SEEK will be at the conference this year.  Make sure you say hi at their lolly table, or perhaps grab a coffee.

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