Product Management Class of Nov 2007

Thanks to all who attended the Product Management Training Class in Sydney from the 12th to the 15th of November.

As promised, here’s a list of the Blogs that stimulate, provoke and teach us about Product Management.

  1. The Product Management Crusader, Jeff Lash on How To Be A Good Product Manager
  2. The Tireless, Talented Blogger, Scott Sehlhorst at Tyner Blain
  3. The Inspirational Marty Cagan at the Silicon Valley Product Group
  4. The Wonderful Brian Lawley at the 280Group (Who has recently written a new Product Management book)
  5. The Amusing Character at The Cranky Product Manager
  6. Rob Grady at (I don’t personally know Rob yet!)
  7. Paul Young Creating Product Beautiful
  8. The Clever Team at Pragmatic Marketing

We’ve been lucky to have met many of these Bloggers personally and their passion on the topic of Product Management is inspiring.

We hope you find their words helpful during your journey in Product Management.

Product Management Training