Product Management – Are We Kidding Ourselves?

I’ve spent much of my professional career defending the strategic role of Product Management. In fact, I’ve built a whole business around it.

I’ve argued that Product Managers should reduce the day to day tactical activities and instead, spend what limited time they have focusing on the value they can deliver to their constituents.

My view has always been that Product Managers should be leaders of change.

Product Managers should be the ones listening for and analyzing market trends, understanding the complexity between competitors, suppliers, buyers and users and finding lucrative opportunities within that mix.

Product Managers should share market information with their internal teams to generate new ideas and derive ‘better’ solutions.

They should be accountable for parts of the product’s P&L, reporting on and improving the product’s performance.

They should be ‘at the table’ where product strategy is seen and heard.

But… I now come to think that my view on the role of Product Management may not or must not be correct.

If it is, why does a whole professional group continue to defend its right to be strategic? No one else seems to think that Product Management is the rightful owner of Product Strategy except Product Management.

Are we willing ourselves to be something we shouldn’t be?

Are we simply kidding ourselves?


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