PMEC Battle of the Bloggers – The Best Product Management Blogs

At the AIPMM Product Management Education Conference Brainmates had the opportunity to share and defend why our brainrants blog was the best in the Product Management universe. We were against strong contenders who also maintain awesome Product Management blogs. The ‘battle’ was outrageously fun – we got to see more than Product Management smarts but the witty and humorous side of Product Management professionals.

Congratulations to those who won…now that we know what we’re up against, watch out for next year!

In no particular order, here are links to other great Product Management blogs (and podcasts!):

April Dunford, Rocketwatcher

Brian Lawley, Product Management 2.0

Michael Ray Hopkin, Lead on Purpose

Ivan Lybbert, My Product Management Opinion

Alison Charter-Smith, The Innovation Jam

Tom Grant, The Heretech/Forrester

Gavin Johnston, The Brand Show

Marsha Shenk, Thriving Enterprise

Ivan Chalif, The Productologist

Ethan Henry, On Product Management

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Product Women

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