ProductCamp Sydney 2011 – Wrap-Up

What a shift in conversation between Product Camp Sydney 2011 and 2010! It’s great to see changes in our professional domain, a domain that is largely misunderstood by companies both large and small.

Product Managers are starting to speak the same language. The impact of which will be the creation and growth of a baseline of understanding for the Product Management industry. This is exciting news as we can use this foundation as a spring board to move on to more important challenges such successful innovation, leadership, business profitability, shareholder returns and ultimately economic growth for Australia.

Product Camp was a day of well formed, educated and occasionally heated group discussions on topics important to the growth of Product Management in Australia. Ranging from agile to stakeholder management, the energy and food for thought generated was simply amazing.

Here is a summary of participants who brought topics to the Product Camp table!

Nathan Moyes, our keynote speaker, kicked off the day with the main attributes required by successful Product Managers. He also spoke of the day to day challenges faced by Product Management, in particular the lack of P&L control as a device of influence for Product Managers within the company. His talk framed the day well and provided a base for others to refer to. You can catch a summary of Nathan’s inspiring talk here

Natalie Yan-Chatonsky got the group thinking early on. Her questions to the group about Product Roadmaps highlighted that companies approach this key strategic activity so differently, some with well defined horizons and others attacking this activity on a more ad hoc basis. Catch her blueprint for ‘How to Build a Product Road Map’ here.

Excited Product Managers

Matthew Ho ran a great innovation activity that highlighted new ideas can easily be generated when problems are well defined. Here are some thoughts by Matthew on his talk ‘Ideation: Brainstorming Ideas For Products & Features’ on Matthew’s blog here and here.

Putting the pedal to the mettle and fuel in the think tank, Jim May asked us ‘How do we go faster’ by tackling the Top 20 techniques to drive productivity through product leadership.

With Mark Mansour, we asked if Agile Software development prevents rounded products from being developed, the results of which can now be seen in a very helpful issue meets solution based presentation here.

Clive Lam grabbed our attention in two sessions. Firstly, he drew us towards the ‘Art of Influence‘ with key points on how to turn connections to our advantage. He followed this carefully planned and convincing talk with his equally poignant fail safe insights into cycles encompassing ‘From Complaints to Problems‘.

Danielle Breckon and Jason Hando shared a few things they have learnt in arena of ‘Psychology Based Product Design’. Psychology and how to influence customer motivations has whetted appetites for further discussion and exploration in the months to come with the Brainmates, so stay tuned!

Our next talk was brought to us originally by the gang on Sesame Street, who inspired Brainmates own Nick Coster to ponder the scientific method as he watched Muppets tackle ‘hypothesis’ and ‘journal’. So, ‘What Are You Trying to Prove?‘- brought to you by the letters H and J and the Product Camp audience!

Finally, Jorg Saretzki brought user interaction to us through exploring what processes Product Managers go through in order to maintain a focus on the necessity of keeping user needs in mind throughout the lifecycle of a Product here.

From all this exciting, synapse stimulating content, candid conversation and sharing of ideals, the key take away has to be conversations need to continue if Product Management is to fulfill its true calling- Delivering value to customers, creating financially successful businesses and securing economic growth for this country.

Thank our sponsors for providing us with this platform of continuous improvement – News Digital Media, Pragmatic Marketing, Agile Bench and Exclusive Vines. And thank you to you, the Product Management community, for your continued dedication and support of your fellow Product Managers. We can hardly wait for what Product Camp 2012 and what it will bring!

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