New Year’s Resolutions for Product Managers

Why not start 2008 with a few Product Management New Year’s resolutions? We tend to want to lose weight, get fit, save money so why not add “fixing a few of our Product Management foibles” to the list as well.

Here are 15 New Year’s resolutions for Product Managers:

  1. I will take the time to LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN to my work colleagues
  2. I will identify my customers’ problems
  3. I will focus more on my customer needs than product features
  4. I will learn to take criticism with grace (especially during a Product Requirements Document review)
  5. I will take the time to learn 5 new things about my product
  6. I will understand the needs of my key stakeholders
  7. I will learn to run efficient meetings
  8. I will improve my presentation skills so I can carry my messages more effectively
  9. I will be open to new ideas. Others can contribute to the ideation process as well
  10. I will undertake solid customer research before embarking on a Market Requirements Document
  11. I will not presume to know who my customers are
  12. I will seek to have customers who LOVE my product
  13. I will find a way to allow my customers to tell others how much they love my product
  14. I will learn more about what my products financial figures mean and how my efforts can change them
  15. I will support the teams that physically create my product

Do you have any 2008 Product Management resolutions? We’d love for you to add your resolutions in the comment below.

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