Minimum Viable Product Portfolio

It seems to me that some organisations are so concerned that they will be left behind in the ‘go to market race’ that they are almost addicted to speed.

As a result, they are continuously shipping new products to market in the hope that something might stick. In fact, some organisations are extremely proud of the fact that they are always shipping new products to market.

Whilst we might be slowly embracing the minimum viable product we haven’t quite grasped the concept of minimum viable product portfolio.

What I mean by minimum viable product portfolio is a focused, targeted and optimised range of products to well defined markets and their relating needs.

The idea of creating new products for an intended target market with a problem or problems that can be solved by the product or products is not a new one. But the inordinate drive for speed and agility has meant that organisations have lost sight of their product narrative and ultimately, the value their set of products offers the market.

We are mindful of NOT sending puffed products to market stuffed with nice to have features. Yet, we seem OK about sending a deluge of products to market constantly and maintaining these products indefinitely.


As a result, organisations have produced a lot of waste:

1. Wasted development effort,

2. Wasted product sitting on shelves,

3. Damage to our environment.

And … a whole lot of confused customers.

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