Five Questions Product Managers Should Ask Their Customers

When was the last time you spoke to one of your customers? last week? Last month? Last year!?!?

Product management as a profession is about understanding customer problems, needs and wants and then delivering products that satisfy these.

Few could argue that speaking to customers is one of the best ways for product managers to gain or refresh their understanding about what it is that customers want. That said, the realities of day-to-day product management with all the associated meetings, discussions, document writing, planning, reviewing and thinking can mean that talking to customers drops off the priority list.

We’ve written previously about quick, easy and (mostly) free ways to gain feedback from customers. In this post, we list five questions we think would be useful in speaking to customers of any product in any context.


Q 1 : What are the reasons that first led you to buy our product?


Q 2 : What problems does our product solve for you?


Q 3 : What do you like most about our product?


Q 4 : What do you like least about our product?


Q 5 : If you could change one thing about our product what would that be?

Obviously there may be specific questions you should be asking your customers, but these would be a good start if it’s been a while since you’ve last talked with them.

What’s next?

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