Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones

When BlackBerry launched the Storm and Samsung and LG both released their own touch screen mobile phones, I knew the race to compete with Apple’s ever popular iPhone was on and it would be an interesting one.

But then I found out about Motorola’s W233 Renew – “the first certified Carbonfree cell phone on the market”, and I became curious about whether this trend to make eco-friendly phones have caught on with other companies – and it has.

The sweep to offer more environmentally sustainable products are hitting the mobile technology world and it’s more than just a race. It’s a challenge for companies to prove they can be high-tech, innovative, environmentally conscious and profitable all at the same time.

Sony Ericsson and Nokia are both exploring green phone concepts. Respectively the GreenHeart phone and Nokia Remade are under innovation.

Samsung actually released a few eco-friendly mobile handsets mid-2008, but the word is there is something even better coming out in the UK later this year – the solar powered, touch screen Samsung Blue Earth. This one I’m excited about.


Despite being environmentally friendly, until consumers come to trust that being green does not equate to bare minimum product features and technology, their quality and performance will always be questioned. Then again, maybe things will change sooner than we think.

To see a brief comparison of eco-friendly features for the mobile phones mentioned in this blog, click here.

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