Do Your Customers LOVE Your Product?


It is a powerful passionate word that evokes strong feelings and ideas. Are there any products that you can say that you love? For me, I love my iPod, Google Reader and Amazon’s book recommendation services. These products do what I want them to do but then continue to surprise me with more that I appreciate and use.

By contrast there are many products that I just have to tolerate because the alternatives are either even less attractive, or it is too hard to extract myself from my current provider. I am thinking about banking, mobile phones, insurance services, etc.

So if you are a product manager, I think it’s a really powerful and challenging exercise to try and identify what would be required to generate LOVE from your customers. Create situations where they will talk about how great your product is to friends and family.

What would it take? Why don’t they love your product now? What do they wish the product did differently that it doesn’t do now?

Love of a product goes beyond a good usability and an extensive feature list. It requires a deeper connection with the needs of the customer.

How will you help your customers love your product?

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