Cocktail Recipe for Happy Product Professionals

Fresh from 3 weeks of R&R, I have concocted the perfect recipe for product professionals, to be consumed as needed.

Cocktail drink

  • Dash of customer insights
  • Cups of competitive analysis
  • Dollop of product roadmap
  • String of unique selling points
  • Bunch of product value propositions
  • Sprig of stakeholder support
  • Eyeball of your product’s revenue and costs
  • Spoonfuls of customer benefits
  • Whiff of super designers and developers
  • Squirt of communication skills
  • Scoop of marketing and sales support
  • Sprinkle of mindfulness (to taste)


  • Meditate for 20 minutes first thing in the morning
  • Schedule in hourly blocks of uninterrupted quiet time to work
  • Clear the workspace and mind of any clutter


  1. Gather the fresh, deep customer data from reliable sources
  2. Sift the insights through a Product / Solution / Feature Benefit sieve
  3. Reduce mixture to unique selling points and a value proposition
  4. Shuck the business opportunity
  5. Soak in competitive positioning
  6. Neatly roll the business opportunity into a business case
  7. Pitch the business case to stakeholders along a scoop of marketing and sales support, adding in a squirt of communications skills for good measure
  8. Once chilled, pour into glasses to serve to taste testers.
  9. Sprinkle mindfulness to taste
  10. Serve to customers and enjoy the benefits!




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