Changing the Way We Think Product

Last week I participated in the Brainmates Product Management training course. It was a great opportunity to learn more about Product Management and identify where my strengths and development areas are within the Product Management arena.

What I took from last’s week training, was really the way we think Product. It is so true; we are too often living in the solution space – don’t get me wrong, it has worked for me in the past – instead of being in the ‘problem space’, solving problems for our customers.

As I’ve discovered, the Market Requirements document really does assist in articulating and understanding those acute market problems customers face but often go unnoticed by a company. Had I moved into this ‘solution space’ more frequently and followed a more market-driven approach I do believe that my product plan would have been easier to justify, key stakeholders easier to influence and I would have developed a more user friendly end product. All of which would have resulted in more profit for the company and a better user experience for customers!

I have ‘reframed’ my thought process to construct a market requirement with the components of a ‘Directive’, ‘Constraint’, ‘Rationale’ and finally ‘Sources’ -rather than getting straight down to the solution. I must admit, that as I sit down with all my notes and ‘tools’ from the training, I am still wrapping my head around this new way of thinking, however there is no doubt that I have found a new way to think Product.

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