Can I Escape Being Retrenched?

It’s natural to be worried that management might be considering you during the next cost cutting initiatives. We have some thoughts on how you can analyse your past performance to help build a case to keep you employed.

Our Product Manager’s Toolkit has two templates, the PMTK Performance Review and the Gap Analysis, which can help you keep track of some of your achievements and list your strengths as a Product Manager. These accomplishments will be useful when you need to remind management why you are important to the company. We share some of the key elements from those templates so you can start thinking about your role in your company.

How have you fared in attaining your company goals and objectives? Where have you:

  • Demonstrated improvements in processes
  • Identified ways for best-practice implementation
  • Improved interdepartmental cooperation
  • Integrated operational measures and strategic objectives
  • Proactively generated growth in revenues
  • Responded to events and took corrective action

What areas do you shine in as a Product Manager?

  • Market Planning: documenting functionality sought to address market problems; creating use cases that realistically capture the use of your product by the target market
  • Market Definition: defining product characteristics that meet customers’ needs; strategically planning the future development of a product through roadmaps
  • Product Development: Manage solutions that solve market problems; structuring pricing models
  • Market Evaluation: Examining the potential market opportunity on a product level; analysing competitors and their products
  • Product Strategy: Leading Product Management in the same general direction as the company’s mission and strategic direction; describing the long-term goals and messages to the target market including value proposition, sales axioms, features and benefits and the unique selling point.
  • Market Preparation: Planning successful product launches; working with the marketing communications team with their messaging and creation of press releases; product presentations; representation of the company

Reviewing your performance is not only a good way to prepare a strong case, should you need one, but it is also a great way for you to monitor your own personal development so you know where you can improve. Its also a great way to remember your positive contributions to your company and be proud of it.

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