Buyer Persona – Don’t go to market without it

Buyer Persona

Addressing the top five questions about one of the most important go to market resources ever – Buyer Personas.

1. What is a Buyer Persona?

Buyer personas are examples of real buyers who influence decisions about the products, services or solutions you take to market. At the same time they are a powerful tool that builds confidence to persuade buyers to choose you rather than a competitor.

2. Where do Buyer Personas Come From?

Buyer personas are created by Product Marketers who perform primary, qualitative research – also known as talking to your customers. If you are responsible for go to market activities and do not talk to customers and prospects then shame on you. There is every chance your market messages and value propositions are internally driven, assumption-laden, feature-centric bin-liner. Just sayin’.

A buyer persona is the manifestation of good quality market research. It is evidence that you KNOW who you are selling to, what they need, what engages them, how they buy, what their priorities are and who they trust. Product Marketers are typically responsible for creating and maintaining buyer personas.

3. Why Do I Need a Buyer Persona?

Buyer personas are an essential ingredient for a great go to market plan. When buyer personas are combined with value propositions and buyers journey, your go to market plan has every chance of success – because it is well grounded in the needs of the buyer.

You need to know your buyer before you can connect with them. Every piece of marketing material created to attract, qualify and convert prospects into customers needs to connect with what the buy needs, when they need it. Knowing the buyer is the first step on that buyer journey.

4. Is a Buyer Persona the Same as a User Persona?

Not necessarily. A user persona, typically owned by Product Managers is a representation of those that USE a product or service. A buyer persona is a representation of those that BUY a product or service. Sometimes a user may be the same as a buyer. But, that should be proved/disproved through research. The use of these personas is different. Read more about user personas here.

5. Where to From Here?

To learn how to make buyer personas, along with other essential ingredients for a fantastic go to market plan then I invite you to join the other beautiful people attending the Brainmates Ready, Set, Go to Market product marketing training course in Australia.

“Buyer personas are freakin’ awesome!” An enlightened professional who recently completed the Ready, Set, Go to Market training course.

I may be biased about the course, because I run it. Hope to see you there for the next scheduled session.

When not creating new buyer persona friends, Sean is espousing the virtues of great go to market practice through the Brainmates Ready, Set Go to Market product marketing training course in Australia and launching compelling solutions to tackle the worlds biggest environmental challenges at Mandalay and naus.

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