Being a Great Product Management Consultant

As a Product Management Consultant, we’re always working towards developing great products and services that drive business benefit for our clients. With that comes a list of things that we should always consider when consulting. I recently sent this list to our team as a reminder. Use it as you see fit!

As a Product Management Consultant you must:

1. Listen, listen, listen to your clients and stakeholders.

2. Keep client information to yourself. Its sacred.

3. Never mention that you are working on a competitor’s project.

4. Be passionate but do not become emotionally attached to the product / outcome / the idea – it makes for poor results. This is especially so if you do not personally like the idea or the product.

5. Postpone the answer to a question that you don’t know. You can always do more research, speak to the team or seek further information from other experts before returning to the client with an answer.

6. Uphold NDAs. Its a simple reminder.

7. Do not disclose information about products that have not launched.

8. Be honest but not confronting.

9. Always ask yourself if you have sufficient information to make decisions. Information includes competitor analysis, costs, ROI, business objectives, project constraints and so forth.

10. Remember you are the voice of the customer.

11. Do not build for every use case.

12. Facilitate conversations. Don’t be upset if the conversation doesn’t go your way.

13. Remember that you don’t have to know everything.

14. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the simple, sometimes silly questions. If you don’t no one else will.

15. Identify what you excel at within the Product Management domain.

16. Do what you do “best”. Leave your “not so best” for others in the team with those skills to do. If you’re not a great Product Planner, leave the Product Planning work for the Product Planner in the team.

17. Offer advice but do not force your opinions on others.

18. Service your clients well.

Does anyone have any other tips for Product Management consultants? Leave it in our comments.

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