A Product Manager’s New Year Checklist

Product Managers love a checklist.

Checklists help Product Managers plan, sort out the urgent from the important, reach milestones, communicate and share their activities. Lifeoptimizer advises that checklists save our brain power for more creative pursuits, saves time and helps us delegate more easily. Importantly, checklists provide us with that feel good, warm glow that comes from ticking items off a list.

What’s on your checklist? Have you thought of everything to add to your checklist to get you off to a flying start this year?

Here are a few suggestions:

For Your Product
  • Renew or undertake analysis on your market.
  • Create a Customer Research Program.
  • Create or update your User and Buyer Personas, based on your latest Customer Research data.
  • Renew or undertake analysis on direct and indirect competitors.
  • Update the position of your Product in the market.
  • Review and update your Product metrics.
  • Map out the value chain of your Product.
  • Review and update your Product Strategy.
  • Review and update your Product Roadmaps for Horizons 1, 2 and 3.
  • Share and communicate your Product Strategy and Roadmap.
  • Identify and learn more about your Stakeholders.
  • Create a Stakeholder Management Plan for each project.
  • Identify regular meetings for the year to update teams and showcase your product.
  • Review your Product team’s strengths and gaps.
For You
  • Identify personal skill gaps.
  • Create or update your Professional Development Plan.
  • Meet with your Manager to discuss your Development Plan for the year.
  • Create or update your Personal Brand Plan.
  • Research Product Management events.
  • Mark up your diary with Product Management events you would like to attend.

What are you waiting for? Start your 2014 planning and simply begin with a checklist.


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