A Passionate Product Manager

I was at a beer tasting event last week and it was great to see the beer maker, David Hollyoak of Redoak passionately talking about his product. Whilst he was explaining the finer details of beer making, it led me to think that David was basically a great Product Manager.

  • He spends time researching his competitors and the competitive market.
  • He understands his customer and the target market well.
  • His product is priced appropriately for his target market.
  • He knows the gross margin of each product type.
  • His product specifications are extremely detailed so his team can deliver an excellent product.
  • He works with his team to create good processes to deliver his product to market.
  • He is uncompromising in his pursuit of a quality product.

And as a result, Redoak sales have grown and the accolades and awards keep coming.

One of the most important elements of being a good Product Manager is passion, especially if you have to take the rest of the organization along for the ride.

And of course we love his beer too!

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