2020 posts that inspired me

Lisa Simons

The end of the year is approaching fast. And what a year!

As we approach the finish line, I’m sure we all need a little boost of inspiration to get us through these final 55 days or so (not that I’m counting or anything).

Here’s my selection of the most inspiring Brainmates posts of 2020 – the year where we said unprecedented way too often.

We predicted seismic change…

Nat kicked off this year with a post saying: “Our world is in the midst of seismic change”. Is she psychic? Or did she jinx us? Nope. In fact her post on “mission-driven products” suggested that Product Managers include “sustainable social benefits” in their Product Success Criteria.

To help us all out with this, Brainmates shared our own Purpose Driven Idea Pad.

Then all hell broke loose.

Brainmates shared our experience of holding our Product Talks digitally.

Our Product Talks included panels on how to Product Manage in the time of COVID and how to deal with Product Strategy in the middle of a pandemic.

At any time, a good place to start is to ask yourself: What’s going on?

Strong Product Leaders

2020 was the year that Brainmates expanded our focus to current & aspiring Product Leaders, with our “PALM” model with its “7 Key Practices“.

You might want to ask yourself: “Are your Product Leaders good enough“?

The 7P’s of Product,

We also introduced the 7P’s of Product which was a key feature of our hugely successful LTP Digital 2020 Conference.

“Lasagna of Value”

At the February Product Talk in Sydney, Omaya Robinson shared her insights from talking directly with customers, stating: “Never will I give the power or the knowledge of my business and my Products to a third-party agency.”

She also introduced the term: “lasagna of value”.

A cure for prioritisation disorders

Radhika Dutt explained in her Product Talk how vision and sustainability analysis helped to avoid prioritisation disorders, and to make sure you are building the right it.

Finishing off with some practicalities

Our round up of remote working advice is worth a revisit if you still aren’t back in the office, or are looking to make WFH a long-term option.

I’m off now to update my LinkedIn profile using the STAR technique mentioned in How to create a Product Resume that rocks,… once I’ve found my Ikigai.

Lisa Simons

Lisa Simons | Author

Lisa is our deep thinker and asker of questions. A business analyst who’s been working for Brainmates since 2009, Lisa has worked with brands such as Fairfax, the NSW Government, Cuscal, Think Education, Telstra, Austar, and Macquarie University. Lisa loves working with Product Managers to help define what they are building and how it will benefit the customer. She provides each project with a workable structure, a clear set of priorities and a common language. Lisa is driven by the goal of helping people to be more effective by bringing together all the necessary information in one spot. Her deep experience in product development means she can quickly provide Product teams with insight into gaps and risks. Being highly pragmatic, Lisa’s focus is on providing Product people with the information they need, when they need it, in order to get the job done.

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