When we attended the public Product Management course here in Singapore with Brainmates Head of Training, Nick Coster, we were early stage startup and, while we all had position titles, we were still unclear about who was responsible for what and what our process was. Agile doesn’t tell you to do anything that isn’t already obvious to most people, but having Brainmates come in, to say this is an accepted approach. It’s worked for other people is powerful to hear. We noticed a significant level of improvement straight away. Fundamentally, it changed the way we operate. We had a big realisation that our desire to meet our deadlines was at the expense of doing the job properly – without specific people’s involvement at critical junctures, we’re better off stopping what you are doing. Being too deadline-focused was bringing problems and rework. For us, Brainmates have been, at various times, an instructor, coach, champion, player and referee. Product Management, the way Brainmates teaches it, is invaluable and relevant for all forms of ideation, for any company that needs to go through a process of evolution.

Paul Cascun, Chief Technology Officer, Arcadier
Malware Bytes
Five years ago I decided to make the switch from sales to product management.  Your course was the stepping stone for me to build a framework for approaching product management in a structured and repeatable way.  My goal was always to see how I stacked up against Stanford and Berkeley MBA product managers by moving to the US. Since relocating to Silicon Valley I’ve been promoted several times, launched a few products, worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, and even received a patent.  I’m doing well and I thank you and your team for helping me take those first steps. My next journey is about to begin as I take on a role as Director of Product Management at a smaller company with the opportunity to mentor other product managers.

The Brainmates training was excellent from the initial engagement to the workshop and follow up. We had a mixed team from different parts of the business including IT, marketing, products, projects, strategy and sales and every attendee gained knowledge and insights they could directly apply to their roles. From a product team perspective, we instantly started talking about products differently, and have developed a framework based on the Brainmates approach, as well as implementing an innovation process using the tools provided. The private training itself was educational, perfectly hit our brief and was conducted in a fun and professional environment. Our trainer Nick was enthusiastic about products, clearly extremely knowledgeable about the subject and highly engaging for all involved. We will use Brainmates again and will continue to roll out the training sessions for more people across our business. I would highly recommend them to other organisations.

Sherpa Insurance
In 2015, I launched Sherpa Insurance which provided cost effective online insurance for management consultants and project professionals.  It was an audacious undertaking for someone new to the industry. Before starting, I engaged Brainmates to review our product, preparedness including social media and strategy.  It was absolutely the right thing to do. Even today, we checkpoint with the tools and learnings from Brainmates.  Thank you Adrienne. We have no hesitation in referring Brainmates.

I engaged Brainmates to customise their framework to meet Seeing Machines’ particular needs. Adrienne quickly identified the gaps in our knowledge and in the process contributed significantly to building broad based support within Seeing Machines for Product Management. We are in the process now of implementing the Brainmates Product Management framework, and the early indications are that the disciplined approach at its heart will be central to Seeing Machines enjoying further commercial success.
Brainmates’ assistance in re-establishing Product Management in Seeing Machines has been invaluable. The job is not finished and Brainmates will continue to be involved as we continually review our progress and where necessary adjust our practices to ensure our products are well managed through the complete life cycle and Seeing Machines delivers a great customer experience.

Steve Hoskings, Seeing Machines
Northcott Innovation
Brainmates assisted Northcott Innovation in completing Customer and Market research for our Step Climber wheelchair attachment project. Brainmates worked seamlessly alongside our team to complete the required tasks to a high level of standard. They demonstrated their exemplary market research skills in their approach to understand our diverse end user population, being people with disability who use powered mobility. Brainmates met all required deliverables on time and within budget, and the final product exceeded our expectations.

The course has provided me with a good structure for product management, which can be applied directly at work. Very interesting course. I would highly recommend this course to others.

Gallagher Group
The course provided a best-practice framework to ensure I provide maximum value creation for the business. It identified areas of work that are not relevant for product managers. Nick Coster did an excellent job of conveying a complex topic in 3 Days.

Product Management Training