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How the Product Capability Assessment Empowers Product Leaders

The Product Capability Assessment is based on the Brainmates Product Capability Framework, which was created based on our decades of experience working with Product Management teams. The framework defines the capabilities crucial for Product teams regardless of their domain, but also illustrates how those capabilities relate to each other, and how different Product roles can be described by the different capabilities they need to prioritise.

Brainmates Product Capability Framework

Product skills are not developed and utilised independently. They can be grouped into related categories, and those categories can be mapped to provide critical insights for individuals and teams.

Market Awareness vs Solution Development

  • Capabilities focused on the Market provide awareness within your organisation of the external forces that will shape your product outcomes.
  • Capabilities required for Solution Development provide your organisation with the ability to plan, design, and execute your roadmap.
Strategic Focus vs Tactical Focus
  • A Strategic focus is required to see the bigger picture, to understand how your Product Vision aligns to your organisation’s objectives, and to align your Product Strategy.
  • A Tactical focus is needed to ensure effective execution of short-term goals

Empower Your Product Talent

$149Per Individual
User Licence

Each Assessment Includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment across 24 product-specific capabilities
  • Detailed results showing strengths and areas for development

Plus, for the Team Administrator

  • User management and visibility of assessment status
  • Access to all individual assessment results

Not every role requires every skill. While different organisations might define Product roles in different ways, mapping capabilities to the framework provides consistent terminology, supporting effective planning to achieve the optimal distribution of capabilities for your team.

The Brainmates Product Capability Framework maps 24 critical product capabilities to enable a deeper understanding of the strengths of individuals and teams.

Measures of Success

Understanding the capabilities of a Product Manager requires more than a single measure, so we calculate both Capability and Influence:

  • Capability

This measures the proficiency of technical skills. Developing these skills requires time and effort, however at certain level there can be diminishing returns. For more experienced professionals, improving Influence is also critical.

  • Influence

This measures a person’s ability to engage others in the journey, extending the impact of a Product Professional’s work. It can be nurtured by focusing on adaptive skills, which involve interactions with people across an organisation.

As a Product Professional develops their capabilities throughout their career, the focus shifts from Capability to Influence, as effective communication and collaboration create the foundation for leadership.

The Product Capability Assessment

Your Assessment
The Product Capability Assessment consists of three sections:
  • Personal Profile – captures details about the individual, their background, current role, and future ambitions.
  • Skills Assessment – consists of 120 questions related to specific product behaviours, and how often they occur.
  • Capability Relevancy – in this section the individual is asked to assess how important each of the 24 capabilities is to their current role

Example Questions

“I interpret, share, and discuss market and industry trends and their implications with my team. This gives them the context they need to provide input on product direction.”

“I collaborate with product and marketing teams, ensuring new products and features meet the needs of specific customer segments.”

“I promote my team's product direction and progress within my organisation. I celebrate achievements and milestones with my team.”

Your Results

Once the assessment is completed, scores are provided in each skill for Capability, Influence and Relevance, and the results are mapped according to the Product Capability Framework:

A detailed description is provided for each capability area, and specific guidance provided for capabilities identified as strengths and potential areas for development. Team administrators can view the results of all members of their team.

Your Team

As a team administrator you will have access to tools to:

  • Manage available assessment and purchase additional assessments as required
  • Invite team members to the platform, and view the status of their assessment from Not Started to Completed.
  • View the results of completed assessments.

Are you ready to Empower Your Product Talent?

$149 Per Individual User Licence

  • Comprehensive assessment across 24 product-specific capabilities
  • Detailed results showing strengths and areas for development

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