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Our customised solutions help organisations accelerate the time to value by improving how they operate, building and scaling their product management function, and upskilling their teams.

Organisations we’ve worked with:

We deliver outcomes and establish strong product thinking across your organisation.

Strategy and Roadmap

You need a vision, a solid strategy and a clear roadmap to deliver outcomes that are clearly linked to business strategy.

Our solutions enable you to confidently and consistently deliver a long-term, forward-thinking product strategy and roadmap that deliver the right customer benefits and business outcomes.

We help with:
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Vision

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Discovery and Opportunity Assessments

To decide which initiatives drive the highest returns, you need a repeatable way to assess opportunities and discover the right solutions.

Our solutions enable you to reduce uncertainty and risk, make the right bets more often, and align cross-functional teams and leadership with a common understanding of customer outcomes and business benefits.

We help with:
  • Ideation
  • Customer Research
  • Problem and Solution Discovery
  • Market Validation
  • Business and Value Modelling
  • Opportunity Analysis

Need help with Discovery or Opportunity Assessments?

Product Practice and Operations

To empower your product teams to do their best work, you need to define a best-practice approach for your organisational context.

Our solutions enable you to implement a tailored, repeatable product management framework that is followed by all, and that enables your teams to consistently deliver products that meet and exceed their goals.

We help with:
  • Product Practice or
    Centre of Excellence
  • Product Frameworks
  • Product Process Design
  • Ways of Working
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Product Analytics

Need help with your Product Practice or Operations?

Organisation and Capability

To create high-performing teams you need the right organisational structure, to hire the right people with the required skills, and prioritise continuous professional development.

We are experts in creating the right team structure for your context, and enabling you to uplift your organisational capability to consistently deliver business outcomes through a well-organised, skilled and happy product team.

We help with:

Need support with Organisational Structure and Capability?

Product-Led Transformation

To unlock the full business value of product management, you need a proven framework that drives change beyond the product team.

Our product-led transformation solutions uncover the root causes impacting product maturity and bring active change across your whole organisation. By working across multiple areas to develop product maturity, your organisation can deliver higher commercial outcomes faster and more consistently.

We help with:
  • Executive Training
  • Organisational Product Thinking
  • Product Maturity Diagnostic
  • Tailored Enterprise Transformation Program

Want Product-Led Transformation?

Organisation and Capability

Woolworths has been partnering with Brainmates for a few years to help build product capability and product standards. They helped us build our product capability matrix and career ladder, and therefore understand the needs we have in our business but also understand the challenges in market to find top product talent.​

Petra Gross

General Manager Digital Products, WooliesX

We came to Brainmates at a time that was pretty challenging for us, and the work we’ve done together has set us up to lead the market. We’ve now got the right foundations in place, and our executives now see the product team as a major performance driver.

Jack Simpson

GM - Product/UX/CX, Tabcorp

Standards Australia engaged Brainmates to undertake a Product Maturity assessment,  and subsequently to work with us in establishing a Product Centre of Excellence.

Andrew Whelan

IT Delivery Manager, Standards Australia

We have been partnering with Brainmates for the last year to accelerate our product maturity, which has helped uplift our product team practice and our cross-functional effectiveness.
Brainmates have become trusted advisors to our leadership team.

Erica Wass

VP Product, Secure Code Warrior

We Are Able To Tailor A Solution
Based On Your Needs

We deliver your outcomes in 3 simple steps:

  • Pick The Outcome You Need
  • Select Services That Suit Your Budget, Timeframe And Preferences
  • Get The Outcomes You Need.

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Why Choose Brainmates
To Help Solve Your Product Problems?

The Brainmates Approach means we work with you as a collaborative partner.

We’ve seen the pain and overcome the problems to help hundreds of organisations build strong product practices, over and over again. We know how to set you up for success, and are there as your partner to help you sustain it.

  • Product is what we do.
  • We have a deep bench of experienced product experts with real-world experience across many domains.
  • For the past 19 years, we’ve successfully solved many product challenges – always learning from those experiences to ensure you stay ahead of the curve – and ahead of your competition
  • We’ve used that experience to develop rich consultancy frameworks and create the leading IP on product management.
  • We find your competitive edge and create a unique approach to Product Management that sets you apart from your competition.

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