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Learn how you can perform better with Brainmates Product Management training. We’ve got you covered if you’re just starting in Product Management, or if you’ve been in the industry a while.

Success Stories

Brainmates’ course was the stepping stone for me to build a framework for approaching Product Management in a structured and repeatable way.

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Workplace Training

Bring the Product Management approach to your team

Product teams need ongoing coaching and practice to keep their skills sharp and relevant.

The Product Fit program is a holistic program designed to change behaviours, lift performance and help achieve business outcomes. It starts with an assessment of team knowledge and skill gaps. An ongoing learning program is then developed, including training and on the job coaching

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Product Management Consulting

On-site, tailored solutions.

Product Management processes must keep pace with market and organisational changes. We help bridge your organisation’s Product Management gaps with practical and effective processes and tools.

Success Stories

I engaged Brainmates to customise their framework to meet Seeing Machines’ particular needs. Brainmates quickly identified the gaps in our knowledge and in the process contributed significantly to building broad based support within our Product Management.

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  • 95% say our training is relevant to their job
  • 93% say our training is beneficial for their career
  • Learn about the role and purpose of Product Management
  • Inspiring the community since 2004
  • Training that gives you tools & templates
  • Always growing products for companies
  • Professional trainers
  • A methodology that works