Brainmates Advances Product Management

Brainmates has had a singular dedication to advancing the professional practice of Product Management since 2004. We have supported 1000's of individual product professionals and their teams deliver amazing products to their customers. Brainmates has brought product people together to form an amazing community of like-minded professionals from Australia and around the world.

So, whether you are considering getting into Product Management to start a new chapter in your career, or you have faced the challenges alone for years, Brainmates is here to support you.

Brainmates is Advancing Product Management
Nick Coster and Adrienne Tan – Brainmates Co-Founders

We are the Home of Product Management

Experience in every part of the Product Management domain

With experience in every part of the Product Management domain, from strategy to delivery, idea to launch

Trained 1000's of Product Professionals

Trained 1000's of product professionals from every possible industry

Turning Product People into Product Superheros

Turning Product People into Product Superheros

Kickass framework that works

Kickass framework that works

The Brainmates Product Management Framework

The Brainmates Product Management Framework

These days, there are so many tools and methods to facilitate Product Management from strategy, innovation, design and implementation. Unfortunately, the wide range of tools can be overwhelming if there is no context to connect them all together.

The Brainmates Product Management Framework links together activities and tools that are used in modern Product Management to more effectively prioritise the highest value opportunities and get them to market. But it doesn't end at the launch. The Product Management framework also describes how to optimise the products that are in the market to achieve and maintain Product Market fit.

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The Brainmates Community

We love sharing our expertise and enthusiasm for Product Management with our 10,000+ community. We do this through our meetups, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), newsletter and Leading the Product - Australia's favourite Product Management conference.

Leading the Product

Leading the Product

We launched Leading the Product in 2015 to give Product People a conference that feels like home. It's a 1 day / 1 Track conference featuring the best Product speakers from Australia and around the world.

Find out more about Leading the Product.

Product Talks

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Product Management Training Courses

Cultivate high performing teams, develop upcoming leaders, enhance your product skills and cultivate thought leadership in your organisation with our product management training courses.

  • Essentials of Product Management

    Essentials of Product Management

    In just 3 days, discover our customer focused product management framework that will guide your product idea to the launch and beyond.

    Learn more
  • Essentials of Product Marketing
    Deep Dive

    Essentials of Product Marketing

    Get armed with a go-to-market framework that positions your products, communicates value and raises awareness within the marketplace.

    Learn more
  • Customer Research and Discovery
    Deep Dive

    Customer Research and Discovery

    Sharpen your skills in customer interviewing, testing and validating ideas and better understanding customer needs and pains.

    Learn more
  • Business Case Writing
    Deep Dive

    Business Case Masterclass

    Learn how to craft the reasoning product opportunity to provide compelling recommendations that get decisions made faster.

    Learn more
  • Financial Fundamentals for Product Managers
    Deep Dive

    Financial Fundamentals for Product Managers

    Improve your ability to understand, articulate and use financials to compellingly articulate to your organisation the financial story of your products.

    Learn more
  • Workplace Training

    Workplace Training

    Embed the product management thinking and methodologies with your whole team to ensure a customer-centric approach to delivering awesome product to market.

    Learn more

Corporate Consulting & Training

Whether you are trying to build a product team from scratch, re-organising a business to become customer focussed, or you just need some short-term help to get some immediate traction on some product work, the Brainmates team are here to help.

Brainmates consultants are Product Management veterans, who have worked across multiple industries and environments to repeatedly crush customer and business problems faster that you could do it yourself.

We can deliver a wide range of services:

  • Product Manager Capability Assessment and Report
  • Customer Research
  • Product Strategy Workshop
  • Personas
  • Product Roadmap Workshop
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Product Vision and Goals Workshop
  • Design & Prototype Sprints
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