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Software Tools for Product Managers

Carrie Lowther from Hitwise and Jen Leibhart ran a great session at ProductCamp Melbourne on Saturday the 3rd of July. They discussed good software tools that can help Product Managers do their job more effectively and efficiently.

For those that didn’t attend ProductCamp Melbourne and for those that didn’t get a chance to take notes during the session here’s a list of tools the group came up with.

If you have any other tools that may be useful to Product Managers, please leave it in the comments field and we will add to the list.


Process Flows (New)

Web Analysis


Website Feedback / Testing


Project Management

Product Management Blogs

Competitor Information

Requirements & Abstract Ideas Management

Product Backlog

Product Mapping & Note Taking

Video Recording (For product demonstrations – software/websites)

Calendar and Scheduling


Event Management


Gamification (New)


Customer Support

Product Management Events

Other (New)



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