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“So You’re a New Product Manager…” Part 7

If you’re assuming a role held by a previous Product Manager, tip 7 advises you to find and review your predecessors task list.

Tip 7: Review Your Predecessors Task List

  1. This should give you a view of what the previous Product Manager considered important and unimportant
  2. You’ll see what activities and tasks remain incomplete
  3. It will help you to decide what activities to include on your task list

Why Create a Task List?

Its simple. Creating a task list helps you manage your time, plan your week and plan for your Product.

Product Managers have a tendency to focus on operational activities. Whilst fielding and managing operational issues is something that is difficult to shun in any organisation, allocating time to think strategically about your Product is essential. This is where the task list plays an important role.

Make sure that you list as tasks some of the more forward planning activities such as “develop a draft roadmap for 2008 – 2009”. This task may not be urgent but it is important for the success of your Product.

Here are some tips about creating a task list I found useful.

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