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Idea Pad – A Simple Way to Articulate Your Idea

Organisations aren’t short of ideas. Frankly, we have too many. The more we have, the more difficult it is to determine which idea has substance and merit.

By answering the 4 questions below, we are getting one step closer to determining if the idea may be worth pursuing.

1. Who the idea is for?
2. What problem does the idea solve for the customer?
3. What benefits the customer enjoys by adopting / using the idea?
4. And.. what benefits the business receives by developing, implementing and managing the idea once in market?

Use our Idea Pad to capture this information and share with your team mates!


About The Author

Nick Coster is the Head of Training Services and a co-founder of Brainmates. He is passionate about the benefits of building products and services that delight the buyer and the user. He has been developing and managing products for over 15 years, with range of different companies including Telstra BigPond, Excite@Home, Optus, Westpac, eBay, Cochlear, and Macquarie University. Nick is Brainmates' lead Product Management training facilitator. He enjoys training product managers from different industries and working with them to help them deliver market-driven product innovation. He brings life to the Product Delivery Cycle framework by sharing his personal experiences as a practitioner of Product Management.

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